Laboratory Introduction

Make the future more excitingmake your inspiration real

Internet Architecture and Systems Laboratory (also called "inet-lab") was founded in April 2011 under the leadership of Professor Kazutoshi Fujikawa. "Make the future more exciting" and "make your inspiration real" are the policies of our laboratory.We research mainly Internetworking, Ubiquitous Computing, Network Security and Network Traffic.

    We research ways to implement more secure and convenient communication architectures that everyone can use.We also consider the next-generation ICT infrastructure technologies and services, and we research what is necessary for it.
    In order not to end the research just on simulation, we verify it and make it useful by using the systems and equipment operated in the Integrated Information Infrastructure Center (ITC).



藤川 和利
ProfessorKazutoshi Fujikawa

He engaged in research on Ubiquitous computing, Mobile Computing, Distributed processing technology, and Operation technology of electronic library system. His hobby is traveling around a famous golf course.

  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Technical Committee on Internet Architecture(IA)
  • IEEE/IPSJ SAINT: 2012 Program Co-Chair etc
  • IEEE COMPSAC: 2013 Track Co-Chair etc
新井 イスマイル
Associate professorIsmail Arai

He engaged in research on Ubiquitous computing (indoor pedestrian navigation, public transport big data analysis, sensor network, etc.), and participated in social activities of open data and civic tech.

  • Open data evangelist, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan
  • ICT advisor, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan
  • A member of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), ACM, IEEE, The Database Society of Japan (DBSJ), WIDE project, and Cyber Kansai Project
  • Steering Committee, SIG-UBI and SIG-MBL, Information Processing Society Japan (IPSJ)
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Technical Committee on Internet Architecture(IA)
垣内 正年
Assitant professorMasatoshi Kakiuchi


  • 情報処理学会、日本ソフトウェア科学会 各会員
油谷 暁
Assitant professorAkira Yutani

4K 超高精細映像の IP ネットワーク伝送方式、臨場感を重視したマルチメディアコミュニケーション、視聴者の状況に適応したサイネージ手法に関する研究に従事。

  • 電子情報通信学会、映像情報メディア学会、日本ソフトウェア科学会 各会員
  • Rie Tsujimoto
  • Ayako Nakano


Ph.D. Students
  • Kibrom Desta Araya
  • Shuji Ohira
Master Students
  • Koji Harada
  • Atsuto Ishinaga
  • Rei Okumura
  • Yusei Katsura
  • Masato Kawashima
  • Seiya Komatsu
  • Taiga Yukawa
Research Students
  • Chen Xiongqing


Internet Architecture and Systems Laboratory is seeking companions to work together!
  • A playful man
  • Machine nerd
  • Those who can objectively grasp things

For those who apply above, please come and visit our laboratory first.

Research landscape

Research meeting

We create several groups for each research field and hold progress meetings in each group once a month. In the meeting, we report on their own research situation and check progress on various research tasks (in-campus presentations, academic societies, dissertation submissions etc...).

Also, those who are particularly close in research fields conduct a more technical research meeting once a week. In addition, ad hoc meetings between teachers and students in a corner of the student's office are also frequent.

Technical Books Reading/Conference Paper Reading Lecture

There are some lectures necessary and voluntary. The necessary lectures is for new students.

The voluntary lectures vary yearly, but in recent years they have held a Lecture on parallel processing programming, a reading Linux kernel code, and Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithm. Every lecture will be conducted approximately once or twice a week.

TCP/IP Lecture

It is a lecture to learn the basics of TCP/IP networking. We read several titles related to TCP/IP and each one will make an presentation of about one hour. In recent years I am using A·S·Tanenbaum's book.

Server/Network System Construction Lecture

In order to acquire practical skills related to networking, each person constructs a PC router using real machines, and creates an experimental network in the laboratory to operate. Starting with the creation of Ethernet cable, installation of OS, we aim to eventually enable some kind of dynamic routing. Since you basically perform remote login and operation, you can become familiar with console control and various Unix commands. After completion of the lecture, you can also use the created router as various servers or for experiments.

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History of the laboratory

inet-lab lecture was launched
Yutaka Nakamura assistant was appointed
Associate Professor Kazutoshi Fujikawa was appointed
Masayuki Kakiuchi assistant was appointed
The official name of inet-lab has been decided on the internet architecture course
Yutaka Nakamura Assistant transferred to Kyushu Institute of Technology
Michiko Izumi assistant was appointed
Professor Hideki Sunahara transferred to Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
Internet Architecture and Systems Laboratory was launched
Professor Kazutoshi Fujikawa was appointed
Associate Professor Atsuo Inomata was appointed
Assistant Professor Junko Izumi transferred to Hosei University
Assistant Professor Naomi Terada transferred to the University of Electro-Communications
Associate Professor Inumata Atsuo transferred to Tokyo Denki University
Associate Professor Ismail Arai was appointed
Affiliate Associate Professor Shigeru Kashihara was appointed