Master thesis / Ph.D. Dissertation

Performance Evaluation of Indoor Positioning Method
Using Magnetic Fingerprinting Path Matching in a Cleaning Plant

More than one operator should carry out the inspection and cleaning of equipments in a cleaning plant because of the risk of heatstroke. However, due to the shortage of operators, most inspections are often done by only a single operator. Moreover, clean the equipments alone. Therefore, an indoor positioning system to track the location of operators is needed to detect accidents as soon as possible.

This study focuses on magnetic fingerprinting, which does not require infrastructure deployment, as a method for the indoor positioning system in a cleaning plant. Magnetic singularity is observed at different points because many magnetized metals, large motors, and generators are in the cleaning plant. This study aims to develop an indoor positioning system using magnetic fingerprinting for a cleaning plant, and magnetic data is collected from an actual cleaning plant for analysis.


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